Dallas R. Evans
  • Born: Jan. 17, 1938 in Smithville W.Va.
  • Died: Oct. 5, 2002
  • Parents: Romeo & Alice Evans
  • Wife: Diana Smith Evans
  • Children: Robbie Evans, Kimberly
    McClead, Cindy Lemon
  • Grandchildren: Cecily, Tyler, and
    Coleman Evans, Tiffany Lemon, &
    Samatha McClead
  • Hobbies: Working on his 55' Chevy,
    Spending time with his grandchildren.
    Going to car shows.  Going to the races
    when he was able to
  • Other: Founder of Evans Construction.
His Own Drummer
Dallas R. Evans   we know him as "IT"
From a Bean Ridge clam   closely knit
When put on a dozer   back in Calhoun
We knew he'd be special   and very soon...

He moved up quickly   to run the show
A greater motivator   we'll never know
Few earthly mortals   possess his charm
His character to serve   and do no harm...

In MacFarlan the town   
Diana he found
His second love   the Nashville sound
They soon would find   
Robbie the son
Cindy and Kim   Before they're done...

His native wit   always sharp and quick
Will walk a mile   to pull a good trick
He can pull your leg   or con the best
Surely one of a kind   but all in jest...

It takes courage   strength and will
To play the rolls   he's had to fill
To build the ship   and make it run
Many many times   while under the gun...

With each new job   he wears the face
Gets things laid out   and sets the pace
He follows through   to see it's done
Many tough battles   he's fought and won...

Whatever he does   he does it his way
The drum he hears   he tells what to say
If we'd had his charm   and native wit
In the Governor's chair   we'd surely sit...

3/1-/97                      Russell G. Beall